Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2017: favorable and unfavorable days for cutting, curling and dyeing hair

Our hair instantly reacts to any beneficial or negative effect.

However, it is very difficult to restore their health after improper care or at the wrong time.

Therefore, we must not only carefully monitor the condition of the hair, but also consider other factors that may affect their condition.

The influence of lunar tides on the beauty of curls people noticed a long time ago. That is why experienced modern masters recommend haircuts, permanent curls, salon or home dyeing, not when they wanted to, but on days favorable from the point of view of the moon.

Cut regrown hairs should be on the growing moon. In February 2017, this period comes twice: from the first to the ninth the moon continues to rise, which began in January. The last two days of the month the night light begins to gain weight again. The full moon is on the 10th, and the new moon is on the 26th of February.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2017 - curling hair

The perfect result perm gives thenwhen the lunar disk is visiting the Virgin. Her days are from the 11th to the 13th of February. Going to the perm during the Moon Maiden period, you will definitely get a stunning result (in a good way, of course). The tips will remain intact, the color of the curls will not fade, the hair will not begin to fall out in bunches.

All these horrors are quite real, if you make "Khimka" during the period of power over the sky of Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.

It is strongly not recommended to do the perm in the following February days:

• 24th and 25th (Aquarius);

• from the 25th to the 27th (Pisces);

• Seventh, Eighth (Cancer);

• Seventeenth, Eighteenth (Scorpio).

Leo constellation enhances the effect of curlingtherefore, on lunar days under the influence of this zodiac, only the owners of heavy, naturally straight, dense hair will receive the expected result. Light, thin, porous hair will curl too much. If excessive curliness is not what we expect, it is better to refrain from curling in the "lion" period from February 9 to 10.


Care for chemically curled hair is special. First, it is necessary to use the air conditioner, otherwise it will not be possible to comb the curls. Secondly, to soften volumetric curled hair, it is very good to rinse it with a weak solution of vinegar (a spoon of 9% of table vinegar per liter of warm water).

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2017 - hair coloring

The dye will easily fall on the hair during the growth of the moon, that is, from the first to the ninth, and then on February 27 and 28. Hair dyed during this period will retain the desired color for a very long time: the paint will not wash out. Especially favorable dates from the first to the third of February.

Painting with natural dyes during this period promises to strengthen relations with colleagues and management, will give confidence, make a woman fantastically attractive.

Astrologers promise very interesting results if stained on certain days of February:

• February 8: will attract money;

• February 10: light tinting will attract good luck;

• the eleventh, the twelfth of February: the dark color will save from trouble;

• February the thirteenth of February you can repaint in a lighter or reddish color to make peace with relatives;

• February 18th: will attract the right people;

• The 24th will attract money and strengthen your health.

The thirteenth lunar day is very unfavorable for staining.. In 2017 it's February 8th. It is undesirable to be painted on the seventeenth, 22nd, 26th. This can negatively affect business and personal relationships, and destroy positive energy. February 28th is a neutral day.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2017 - favorable days for haircuts

A light or cardinal haircut on a growing moon is favorable for hair growth, and on a flawed one - for strengthening hair. The February 2017 moon grows in the first nine days of the month and the last two. Especially beneficial for the condition of hair cutting from the third to the fifth of February.

Favorably affect the condition of the hair and get a good haircut, held during the stay of the moon in Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo.

For February 2017, these are the following days:

• third, fourth (Taurus);

• 22nd and 23rd (Capricorn);

• From the 11th to the 13th (Virgo).

Hair, trimmed these days, will be strong, obedient. Good influence on the condition of trimmed curls Gemini (February 5.6), Libra (February 14.15).


Astrologers recommend for growing hair for six months to cut them on the growing moon during the influence of the Virgo constellation. Curls grow back quickly, filled with strength and a healthy glow.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2017 - unfavorable days for haircuts

In a blizzard, in February fever there are quite a few negative days for haircuts. More precisely, it is only one: February 10. Trimming the hair in this unkind for them is fraught with depression. Neutral days are February 22 and 26.

Besides, not recommended to get a haircutif the moon is ruled by Scorpio, Aries and Aquarius.

In 2017, these periods fall on the following days:

• February 17, 18 (Scorpio);

• February 1, 2 (Aries);

• February 24, 25 (Aquarius).

However, the growing moon at the beginning of the month smoothes the negative impact of Aries, so it’s not worth worrying about the possible failure. You just need to take care not to forgive. Immunity is declining these days, so you should not supercool.

Hair has tremendous energy. Not by chance in Russia everything that was connected with this side of life was strictly regulated. Cutting hair was considered a rejection of divine protection, loss of communication with the world of pure energy, as well as a powerful way to completely change everyday life or get rid of the disease.

Using a convenient calendar, prompted by the ancient moon, modern women can manage their energy, heal hair, regulate their growth and health.

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